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Introducing AITutor: The Ultimate Maths Revision Tool

Maths is a subject that you learn by doing. Textbooks are boring, tutors are expensive. That's why we built AITutor, a maths revision tool that can help you achieve top results.

Maths is a subject that you learn by doing. Unfortunately, this is usually done in a suboptimal way. Textbook questions can be boring, past papers are scarce and teacher explanations are limited to the classroom. What's worse, textbook and past paper solutions are brief which can lead to many frustrations. That's why we built AITutor, a maths revision tool that can help you achieve top results.

Introducing AITutor

AITutor is a tool that can help with all your revision and learning needs. It solves all the problems mentioned above and costs a fraction of the price of a real-life tutor. Let's take a look at how it works. When you sign in to AITutor, you'll be presented with the dashboard, which looks like this:


So what can AITutor do? First of all, it can generate a typical exam-style question at the touch of a button. Every time you attempt a question it will change slightly to ensure you can get the technique down without having to do the same question twice. Each question also has a detailed step-by-step explanation, written by an expert maths tutor, to make it clear how you get to the answer. Here is the typical layout:


What's more, every question you do on AITutor is remembered and stored. It then tracks your progress over time, identifies your strengths and weaknesses, and even tells you what grade you're working at:

Syllabus Explorer

We also offer an interactive syllabus explorer that allows you to find all questions which relate to a specific part of your exam board's syllabus (Edexcel, AQA or OCR). This is useful when there is a particular part of the syllabus you are struggling with, or are unclear on how you could be examined on it. Our syllabus explorer also tells you what grade these questions are so you can practise questions at the appropriate level. Here's what it looks like:

Video Lessons

Being able to generate questions means that you can apply your knowledge and get lots of practice in. But what about topics you haven't learned yet or have forgotten? Well, AITutor also has a comprehensive list of video tutorials to guide you through each topic. Each lesson also has questions of its own so you can apply what you've just learned:

Exam Generation

So you've got questions, video lessons and analytics. What about exam technique? This is something that is paramount when it comes to the final exam day and can be challenging to practise on your own. AITutor can help you here too. It can generate exam-style past papers, which reflect your chosen exam board, at the click of a button:

Here you will be put under time pressure and you won't be able to see the answers or working until you have finished and submitted the exam, which is then marked and graded in an instant. This feature also tracks how long you spend on each question and gives you exam feedback like your marks per minute ratio.

Grade Guarantee

This isn't all we offer. We're so confident in what AITutor can do for your grades that we offer a grade guarantee for all our premium users. You still have to put the work in, but as long as you meet certain criteria by the time your exam comes round, we're willing to fully refund the cost of your subscription if you don't achieve a top grade. This depends on what level you're working at:

  • A-Level students: If you have an average level of at least 90% across your topics and you do not get an A or A* in the real thing.
  • GCSE higher students: If you have an average level of at least 80% across your topics and you do not get an 8 or 9 in the real thing.
  • GCSE foundation students: If you have an average level of at least 80% across your topics and you do not get a 4 or 5 in the real thing.

How do I sign up?

We've now covered all the main ways that AITutor can help you achieve a top grade in your maths exams. If you'd like to sign up, we offer both free and premium plans to our users.

Our premium plans start at as little as £7.50 a month. For this, you will get access to unlimited questions, all video tutorials, exam generation and a grade guarantee, as well as detailed analytics and exam technique analysis. Seeing as a private tutor can cost upwards of £50 for a single hour, this is great value! All plans also come with a 14-day refund period, so if you're not happy you'll get your money back, no questions asked.

We also offer a free plan, which restricts the number of questions you can generate a month and the videos you can watch. If you're just wanting to see how AITutor works or have a look around then feel free to sign up with this plan.

Sign up for the free or paid plan here

We hope that this post has made it clear how AITutor can help you achieve top results in your maths exams. Good luck with your revision and we hope to see you on the site!

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