The Power of Aitutor for Your Organisation

We aren't just a maths platform, we are a digital education solution for students and teachers. Learn how partnering with AITutor can help your organisation keep up with the unstoppable trend of online programmable education.

Our Platform

Scale, digitise and automate your course

Schools finally have a platform to effectively teach maths and allow for their students to learn maths independently at home. However the AITuor platform is not just limited to that...

We allow your organisation to transform your own educational material into a fully digital, affordable, self marking and self optimising syllabus. Allow your students from all across the world to access, learn, study and revise content (created by us or you) 24/7 of every day.

Our platform can provide something for anyone. Whether you are a school, exam board, charity, tech solution or government. See below for how we can help.

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Who are we for?

Mathematics for everyone

We don't just teach maths. We help teachers teach maths, and our partners provide maths in an affordable, scalable and highly available way.


We understand your problems. Most of you are understaffed and underfunded 😔. Hence why we are committed to providing you the most affordable, all-in-one, solution for your maths department.

We allow schools to create organisation accounts that allow teachers to create and manage classes, set smart auto-marking homework, and visualise class performance.

But more importantly, every student is given all of the AITutor premium features which allows them to learn independently, from wherever and whenever. This allows you and your teachers to focus on creating engaging and impactful classroom experiences. Let us do the boring parts so you can focus on the creative ones.

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Want to step up and automate your tutoring game? Want to show parents how in control you are of their child's education? To charge premium prices you need to have premium tools...

Create an organisational account that allows you to sign up students (into groups or individually), set them smart auto-marking homework and track their progress in and out of the tutor session.

With us in your tutor toolkit you will stand head and shoulders above the other tutors and have the ability to provide an excellent maths teaching service to all of your students

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Working with under privileged children and their education? We want to help. Our mission is to provide quality education to everyone, especially to those who
can't afford it.

We can provide all of your students with free access to AITutor Premium so that can have the education they deserve. All we need is a CSV of their email addresses.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions or help

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Leverage our modular and highly scalable framework to create your own syllabus and completely digitise your education course and take a share of the revenue.

We also offer white label solutions that enable you to serve customers exactly as you like.

Or maybe you wish to integrate us into your platform as an additional service for your audience?

We specialise in programmable education and are working with clients across the world to enable them to teach and educate their students in an affordable and digital manner. All our partnerships are different and we can't wait to hear what problems we can solve together.

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Book a call and let's become partners

Arrange a call with our Chief Business Officer and we can discuss how AITutor can solve your problem.

We have built a framework that is highly modular and scalable so we are always looking for partnerships, schools, joint ventures and funding to help grow and improve online education globally.

Just book a call anytime that suits you. We are ready to talk